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Magus Toolbox people:

We are a group of highly experienced and qualified management consultants, committed to using Magus Networker and its supporting products.  Everyone has an excellent track record of delivering successful assignments. Collectively we have a very wide range of disciplines and skills.  Many of us have worked for a variety of international clients.

The focus of the consulting services provided is on improving organisational performance,  including three key aspects of business management:

  • Productivity – the need to get more from less, especially in times of pressure on costs
  • Innovation – staying ahead of the game with products, processes and management methods
  • Programme management – consistent delivery against objectives in terms of quality, timing and within budget

Group members collaborate to provide performance improvement and problem resolution assignments to both private and public sector organisations.  All are skilled in the use of discovery and change processes, and aligning outputs and outcomes with clients’ business priorities.  All use Magus Networker as prime technology and methodology, to enable hidden drivers of performance issues to be surfaced and resolved.

All use Magus Networker’s innovative technologies and methodologies to enable them to deliver effective performance enhancements quickly - and in a way that means that the developmental process is sustained after the initial intervention.  High levels of employee engagement through the performance improvement process and afterwards are a given.

The aims of the group are to:

  • Jointly develop even further the ability to resolve clients' organisational performance problems
  • Continue to develop change processes for client organisations that deliver on their objectives
  • Capitalise on enhanced discovery processes using state-of-the-art technologies to improve speed and client achievement of goals
  • Share collective resources, intellectual capital, ideas and methodologies

For more information, please either contact Magus Toolbox or click on an image to contact one of the members of the group listed below:

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Ben Simpson An experienced business improvement consultant and coach with a proven track record of operational transformation and successful project delivery.  For a decade Ben has drawn on years of business improvement experience in manufacturing to refine a “systems thinking” improvement methodology tailored for service organisations and service functions.    The benefit is delivery of improved customer service, with less delay and reduced cost, whilst at the same time improving morale of those involved.  Transfer of knowledge and capability to those that work with him has always been, and continues to be, central to Ben’s “way of working”, be that coaching, mentoring, facilitated “learning-by-doing” or formal training.  MTL Principal Associate


Robert Cram - Robert Cram has over 35 years experience in several disciplines. From an initial international career beginning in Petroleum Engineering he moved into the Expert Systems / IT field, including several years as the IT manager for a multi-national service company. For the last 25+ years, he has been involved in a variety of roles in connection with the management of HSE and IT operations. His career includes assignments with a number of blue-chip organisations in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa. Robert holds a PhD in Safety Culture from Lancaster University, an MSc in Knowledge Based Systems from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh and a BSc in Mining and Petroleum Engineering from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  MTL Principal Associate


Denis Bourne  After a successful career in line management, including at director level, Denis has a 25 year track record in consulting, covering change management, executive selection and mentoring, development of organisational resilience and emergent strategy. He has had papers and articles published on many aspects of managing in a fast changing world. Clients include BP; IDV; UBS; General Accident; Mazda; Rank Xerox; RAI and ENEL (Italy); Anglogold and Cadbury (South Africa). In the public sector, Denis has consulted extensively with more than twenty police organisations, as well as central Government organisations.  MTL Founder


Judith Pierce  Judith has a successful track record in line management over a number of years, mainly in the automotive industry. During this time she gained breadth and depth of experience and skills through a number of roles, including managing a complete business unit; sales management; marketing; building and controlling business budgets; designing and facilitating workshops; and market research.  She has worked mainly in the UK, but also in several other European countries. Judith has an MBA from Canterbury Business School.  MTL Founder


Daniel Ulibarri has over 24 years management experience in domestic and international human resources in private and public sectors. His experience includes employee transitions and change management during outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions; performance management, compensation, and classification analysis; and organizational development. Daniel holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley and has senior HR executive certificates from the University of Michigan School of Business, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler School of Business, and the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. Daniel worked successfully in senior HR positions in public sector and Fortune 100 companies in the USA, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Africa and Latin America.


ElÚna Mason has over 18 years experience in domestic and international HR, process design, policy development, best practice research, project management, benefits administration, compensation analysis, mergers, acquisitions, employee transitions, and executive/leadership training. ElÚna is a Certified ISO9001:2000 Quality Lead Auditor, Licensed MBTI Administrator/EIR Analyst, and Certified Compensation professional by “World at Work” with both GRP and SPHR certifications.  ElÚna holds a Bachelor Degree in HR and Finance from the University of Hong Kong and is trained by Watson Wyatt and the State of Montana for Compensation and Classification using the Benchmark Factoring Method. 


Mark Hawkswell - is an experienced coach and facilitator who has engaged in solving business performance problems for a number of Blue Chip organisations. Notably, he has worked in a wide range of industries, which enables him very quickly to tune in to the needs of his clients.
Mark is qualified and certified in a number of methodologies and tools to enable performance problem-solving, and to facilitate change.  His focus is more on helping clients to develop and implement their own solutions than offering prescriptions. In Coaching, Leadership and Team development he uses a free-flowing style of intervention to help clients generate and install solutions based on the knowledge and skills already existing in their own organisation.


Rowena Davis Rowena coaches individuals and teams to improve communication and performance, and clarify goals.  She facilitates individual, team and organisational change; strategic marketing; action learning; and working with the planned and unplanned sides of organisational life and change.  She is passionate about bringing out people’s problem solving and creative abilities and implementing practical solutions people can work with.  She has worked with Amnesty International, De Beers Group, the DCSF, Greenpeace, IKEA, JWT, Royal Mail and Surrey Children’s Services.


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