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 ... in a sea of change

The Magus Toolbox originally comprised five ‘discovery and change’ products.  Four of these consisted of software tools, with their own associated application methodologies.  The most powerful and adaptable product in the Toolbox was and is Magus Networker.  Over time, a series of ‘applications’ have been built using Magus Networker, that have progressively taken over the functionality of some of the original product set.  This has enabled a focus on Magus Networker and one other product as the preferred route to resolving organisational performance problems, generally including the facilitation of a change process within the client organisation.

Brief overviews of Magus Networker and the OrgScan are given below.  For more details, please click on the highlighted links in the text.

Magus Networker ~ works by illuminating otherwise-hidden informal networks through which work actually gets done and how value is created for customers.

  • Informal networks operate across formal boundaries and reach outside the organisation - to strategic business partners and beyond
  • Informal networks enable innovation - for problem solving, productivity gains and new, added-value processes
  • Networker stimulates open dialogue about the causes of organisational problems and actions needed.
  • Networker leads to healthy change processes - without the need for top down, formal change programmes.


The MTL OrgScan - is both a component of all Magus Networker applications and a product in its own right.  It works by uncovering the hidden drivers of organisational behaviour and cultural norms.

  • It is very fast - from start to finish typically 5 working days
  • It is totally customisable
  • Respondents find the conversations stimulating and satisfying
  • The disruption factor is small and schedules are easily manageable

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