Developing great organisations ...
 ... in a sea of change

This page has a variety of papers listed, covering several different aspects of management.

The main section is on subjects relating to change.  The Janus series includes insights prompted by considering organisations and organisational behaviour in the light of lessons learned from the natural sciences.

There is a section on more general management topics, including recruitment and skills development.  Finally, there is also a section with several papers describing case studies of applications of methodologies in the Magus Toolbox.

All documents are provided as PDF files and may be downloaded, providing only that the publisher’s property rights and copy rights are preserved.

Managing change

Case Studies

Change and the fourth deadly sin

Merging two competing businesses

Chaos and complexity

The distribution company

Complexity and change

Finserve case

Inference engines

Information strategy

Influence as power


Interactions in organisations

Police Management

Networker and mergers and acquisitions

Of alligators and swamps

Old wine in new bottles

Performance or conformance

Reach and richness

A peek over the parapet

Permissions and resilient organisations

After the riots

Permission to fail


Positive change

Recruitment and selection

Power is a dirty word

Conscious behavioural skills


Ethics in selection

Management training


Project management skills

Other management topics

Management training from Steam Jenny ...

Making CRM work

Training does not work ...

The realities of reward

Leaders and managers

Towards a more strategic influencing model


Wicked problems and the role of leadership

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