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CRUK - TCC (The Crest Community, of which MTL directors are founder members) has formed a new group on LinkedIn.  CRUK (Crime Reduction UK) is a forum where people who have a strong interest in crime reduction can meet to share information, insights and ideas about how to reduce crime.

A prime driver of the group arises through the apparent confusion between crime prevention and crime reduction, with more attention on the former than the latter.  The former works on the assumption that there are and will be ‘criminals out there’ and is concerned with making it more difficult for them to commit crime.  Its attention is on the artifacts of society.  The latter is concerned with reducing the number of criminals, by addressing the underlying drivers and enablers of criminal behaviour.  Its attention is on people and networks in society - the community of people.

While crime prevention is important and plays a crucial role in enhancing community life, it carries the risk of displacement by type of crime or location.  It is only crime reduction that offers the prospect of significantly reducing the social and economic cost of crime.  For more on this topic, please click here to download a PDF document.

For more information on TCC, please visit the TCC web site

Crime Reduction UK - outline

Despite many interventions over decades, crime in the UK remains stubbornly high. The vast majority of these interventions have involved changes to formal structures and processes for delivering local services and managing crime, along with changes in budget arrangements.

Between 1997 and 2015 there were 59 such changes all targeting the achievement of ‘joined up local government’, (source Institute for Government, 2016) but the problem persists. The social and economic damage caused by crime remains high, but the costs associated with crime are largely unknown because they are incurred by society, and are not met by the agencies attempting to tackle their individual parts of the problem.

A thesis central to the Crime Reduction UK (CRUK) group is that such formal, structural changes will never make any serious dent in the level of crime. Crime reduction is a ‘wicked problem’ (one with multiple causes and effects elsewhere) so something different is needed.

The CRUK group has been created for anyone involved in or concerned with reducing the social and economic costs of crime, and who is passionate about the need to change the underlying system. It is for people who understand the need to consider the whole system, and to think the unthinkable and say the unsayable; for people who understand the need to challenge conventional wisdom; for anyone who wishes to contribute to the exploration of new thinking about crime reduction; for people who wish to engage in the sharing of experience and insights into the nature of the challenge and ideas on how to solve it.

If you believe that you can add value to the development of new delivery systems for local services, please join. Either as someone who can bring new ideas to the discussion, or act as a critical friend in respect of those ideas already tabled, you will be welcome. If you care about creating opportunities for improving the quality of life in local communities, please join.

You can visit the Crime Reduction UK group here.

To join the group please click here:



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