Magus Toolbox

Developing great organisations ...
 ... in a sea of change

The Magus Toolbox was created by a small group of practising management consultants - with many years of testing and development through live applications.  The research used in their design was extensive, including several projects undertaken by the designers of the Magus Toolbox.

The overall aims in creating the Toolbox and associated methodologies were:

  • To speed up discovery processes that enabled hidden issues to be identified and addressed
  • To enable larger numbers of people to be engaged in facilitated change processes
  • To ensure high quality information by eliminating problems of data contamination through the discovery process
  • To provide people with the opportunity to develop and apply increased discretionary decision power to innovative management actions

The products and methodologies in the Magus Toolbox are now delivered by a network of qualified and accredited consulting firms.  The combination of highly skilled facilitators with ground breaking, software-based methodologies delivers several key benefits to client organisations:

  • Change processes are facilitated that break the common pattern of failure associated with change programmes
  • All applications are custom-configured to target specific business challenges - generic one-size-fits-all models are excluded
  • Innovative methods for improving productivity are developed and delivered
  • The intervention process is very motivational for the people involved, and hence generates high levels of engagement and minimises resistance to change
  • The whole process is fast and cost-effective
  • The process identifies and tackles both superficial and root causes, hence reducing the probability of future, additional problems
  • The whole application model is scalable, and can be targeted on just about any kind of organisational performance problem - large or small

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